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Welcome to the Making Money from Property website!

Whether you are a first time investor or a seasoned property professional, you will find something on this site to inspire and assist you. It's also here to supplement my property training seminars and whether you're visiting here having been on one, or in preparation for the course, I wish you a big 'Howdy Doody'.

So, it seems that once again, the property doom-mongers have been proved wrong as positivity and growth returns to the UK housing market. Those who confidently suggested that it would be 30 years before prices returned to their pre-crash levels, are having to do some swift recalculations.

But the reality is, we will always see cycles in the property market and since records began, prices have gone up and down, however, the overall trend when you average it out, has been a doubling of prices in every 7 to 10 years. The key to being a successful property professional is knowing how to make the most of whatever the market conditions are. I like the quote from Wayne Gretzsky, the ice hockey legend. When asked how he was so successful, he said that he was just really good at predicting where the puck will be and adapting his game to suit.

To put yourself in a position where you're able to do this, you need to learn from experts, which is why I wrote my book, 'Teach Yourself: Making Money From Property' and why I teamed up with the country's top provider of property training to create my seminar programme.

Whatever your aspirations, I hope you enjoy this site.

Making Money From Property 3 Day 

Property Training Workshops


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Forthcoming dates for my 3 day property training weekends in 2016 are below:

Fri 27th - Sun 29th May 2016
The Nottingham Belfry Hotel
Mellors Way
off Woodhouse Way

Fri 17th - Sun 19th June 2016
The Jury's Inn
50 Exeter Street

Fri 1st - Sun 3rd July 2016
The Future Inn
Cabot Circus
Bond Street South

and then;

24th-26th June – Milton Keynes

22nd-24th July - Birmingham

Click here to book YOUR DATE & VENUE

What one recent student said about the course:

"…We did enjoy the course, it was worth 10 times the £1k we paid and it was lovely to see Martin (Mr Jolly). I'll be recommending it to everyone. We were very very impressed at the amount we learned. Thank you so much."

I hope you'll consider joining this course where you'll be taken from start to finish in the property investments world, and learn all the tricks of the trade you'll need to Make Money from Property.
From spotting a bargain, to raising finance....successful property rental to...of course....all the tricks and tips for buying property at Auction!!
It's interactive, it's practical and it's fun. A team of experienced property investors and mentors, provide a weekend of information that any serious property investor can't be without. 

Whether you're a first timer, dipping your toe into the world of property, or already an investor looking at ways to increase profitability, access untapped property opportunities, and streamline your business, then this weekend is for you.  

We're so confident you'll love the weekend that we're offering a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied with what you're learning after the first day, you can leave at that point and you'll get a complete refund.
So, what have you got to loose? The timing has never been better to invest in property, and every day there are opportunities out there to be grabbed by those in the know.  This is your chance to become one of them.
Best wishes

 Secure your place on the next date and venue NOW

And what's more....you can take advantage of a SPECIAL OFFER of:

1. HUGE DISCOUNT OFF normal price - bringing the cost down to just £997 (REGULAR PRICE IS £1995)!!

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2. The opportunity to bring along a FRIEND for FREE!! (so that's £997 for 2 people)

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3. a FREE signed copy of my book 'Teach Yourself: Making Money From Property' - if you book through this site

You'll beneift from the Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with what you have learnt by the lunch break on the first day. 
If you would like more information, or to discuss the programme with one of our friendly team, please email:info@makingmoneyfromproperty.tv


This Workshop is not endorsed by the BBC, but is based on Martin’s experience and his best selling book "Making Money from Property". The Martin Roberts Making Money From Property workshops are run by Legacy Education Alliance. 

Martin's 'Teach Yourself:Making Money From Property' is available here.

Please visit our store to order your copy.


 FREE Property Training Workshops

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Over the forthcoming months, my team will be touring the country giving FREE Making Money From Property seminars, and a series of 3 day training workshops. 

By coming along to the workshops or seminars in your area, you can see for yourself how even in the current climate ordinary people are building life changing wealth - simply by learning from the experts (me included!), following tried and tested techniques and investing in the property opportunities that are out there right now.

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