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publication date: Apr 1, 2009
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How to Profit from Property Auctions in 2016 and Beyond...

We all love the theatre and the drama of an auction. Over the years I’ve witnessed the shrewd operators buy at 25%, 50% or even 70% below market value and steadily make their fortunes.

Others have made every mistake in the book and have lost many thousands of pounds.
So I was delighted when the much respected property investment education gurus at Legacy Education Alliance asked me to help put together a Property Auction Education Programme for the UK market.

Houses are being sold at well below market value in your area and if you're looking for a quick, cheap and easy way to make good money from property, then come along to a FREE Making Money From Property Preview Workshop in your area, where you can see for yourself how ordinary people are building life-changing wealth – simply by investing in property at auction.

Thousands of People Across the UK Are Now Using an Amazing System of Locating and Buying Bargain Property At Auction

A bold claim? Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some other customers have said about the full workshop.

'Very inspirational and insightful. I WILL be financially free.' S. Walters

'Loved the no-nonsense and clear approach of the course. Not a moment wasted. I learnt so much even though I have been property investing for 7 years. All areas were invaluable.' Paula Cayless

'ENERGY, SPEED, CONVICTION - thank you all for showing me the light.'
S. Boxley

"The Tigrent training has changed my life beyond all recognition. I'm now effectively a lady of leisure. I invest in property as and when I want to. I've set up a lettings business which I've now sold on. And I spend time doing things in life that I want to do rather than having to go to work to earn money." Caroline Claydon

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or email: info@makingmoneyfromproperty.tv

The Truth About Buying Bargain Property At Auction

The recent financial crisis has led to an unfortunate rise in repossessions, which has left banks and building societies with numerous properties on their books. Although they have to be seen to be getting the maximum price for these, the reality is that when they are released onto the market at auctions and through selected estate agents, they are happy to accept a fraction of the true value of the properties just to get some cash back in the coffers.

Across the UK property auctions are buzzing like never before. The current financial climate has caused developers and homeowners to try auction. There are lots of decent properties going at auction for bargain prices - GREAT news for first-time buyers who have recently stood little chance of affording their first home.

This gives the intelligent property investor a window of opportunity to lock in to profits now, before the current positive sentiment in the market drives prices higher.

Whether you want to learn how to buy property properly (and earn more money for a better future), or you already have a portfolio and want to improve your cashflow, investing in bargain property at auction is a simple way to buy at an incredibly low price, and sell at the much higher market price. The future of Buy-to-Let looks good for the well trained and educated investor and interest rates are predicted to remain at low levels for the foreseeable future. The trick is to learn how to do things professionally and learn how to take advantage of the current market conditions now, before it's too late.

The Secret of Successful Property Investing is Knowing What to Pay

Although Martin will not attend in person, professional property experts and mentors will introduce you to an invaluable range of property related topics that could include:

• Why Banks and Building Societies are desperate to unload the mountain of bargain properties on their books FAST – AND... at rock-bottom prices (and how YOU can cash in on this massive new trend while you still can...)

• The quick and easy ways to decide instantly whether or not to bid for a property 

• Simple sums you can use to work out the profit potential of your target property 

• The sneaky tricks Auctioneers use to “rev up” Auctions, and inflate the price to trap the unwary Investor (But don’t worry! We’ll show you how to avoid the pitfalls...) 

• The do’s and don’ts of Property Auction Investment • How to invest in auction property like the professionals – and in complete confidence 

• The best Auctions to buy Property at (and which ones to avoid like the plague...) 

• The only kind of properties you should consider investing in, and the ones you shouldn’t touch with a


• And much, much more.

Buying Property - Your Questions Answered

By now, you’ve taken in a lot of information about this fantastic opportunity and it’s only natural you’ll have a few questions you want answering. With this is mind, here’s a list of some of the most common questions people asked me when they were first starting out…

“I Can’t Do This – I Don’t Have The Finance!”

Contrary to popular belief, almost anyone can invest in property, regardless of their financial situation. All you really need is the right knowledge to find the financing deals you need, and the practical guidance, based on a proven track record of success, to apply what you learn. You will be provided you with both.

“How can you be sure the property I’m buying is structurally sound?”

With any investment, you need to know what you’re doing, otherwise you could lose your shirt. But when you attend the FREE Workshop and my 3 day training course, you’ll have all the ‘need to know’ facts at your fingertips. Facts on how to find out whether or not a property is structurally sound, and worth investing in (or not).What’s more, you’ll have plenty of support, advice and back-up available just a phone call away to help you make the right decision for you, including the insider secrets, strategies and techniques essential for your long-term success.

“How Can I Compete With Property Auction Professionals?”

Attending a property auction for the first time may not seem like an easy thing to do. But once you master a few basic skills (which we'll teach you), you will be able to invest in repossessed property on sale at auctions with complete confidence, secure in the knowledge you are making the best decisions for you and your portfolio. Plus, property professionals may not have the same investment goals as you, and you don’t need to be a ‘property professional’ to be able to profit – and profit big – from this huge trend.

When You Attend The FREE Workshop You’ll Also Receive A BONUS CD

This FREE information-packed CD reveals proven and practical property investment strategies, including help and advice from established, successful property investors along with examples of typical deals and masses of useful contacts and web links.

You'll find lots of invaluable tips and a recap of the information that the team will share with you at the workshop. These show you how to plan, start up, and run your own profitable property portfolio. Yours FREE when you come to the Making Money from Property Preview Workshop.

"Some of the stuff we are seeing is an absolute giveaway. ...... Now is the time to buy."Graham Penny, Graham Penny Auctions

Forthcoming Dates and Locations for FREE 2 hour PREVIEW events

Wednesday 14th September 2016 @ 12.30p.m. and 6.30p.m.

The Holiday Inn Cambridge, Lakeview, Bridge Road, Cambridge, CB24 9PH

Thursday 15th September 2016 @ 12.30p.m. and 6.30p.m.

The Holiday Inn Norwich North, Cromer Road, Norwich, NR6 6JA


Saturday 17th September 2016 @ 10.30a.m.

The Holiday Inn Cambridge, Lakeview, Bridge Road, Cambridge, CB24 9PH

Sunday 18th September 2016 @ 11.00a.m.

THe Holiday Inn Ipswich, London Road, Ipswich,IP2 0UA

Wednesday 28th September 2016 @ 12.30p.m. and 6.30p.m.

The Down Hall Country House Hotel, Matching Road, Hatfield Heath, Bishops Stortford, CM22 7AS

Thursday 29th September 2016 @ 12.30p.m. and 6.30p.m.

The Holiday Inn Basildon, Waterfron Walk, Festival Leisure Park, Basildon, SS14 3DG


Saturday 1st October 2016 @ 10.30a.m.

The Park Inn by Radisson Thurrock, North Stifford, Thurrock, RM16 5UE

Wednesday 28th September 2016 @ 12.30p.m. and 6.30p.m.

The Park Inn by Radisson Aberdeen, 1 Justice Mill Lane, Aberdeen, AB11 6EQ

Thursday 29th September 2016 @ 12.30p.m. and 6.30p.m.

The Doubletree by Hilton, 34 Bread Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9AF


Saturday 1st October 2016 @ 10.30a.m.

The Glasgow City Hotel (formerly Thistle), Cambridge Street, Glasgow, G2 3HN

Sunday 2nd October 2016 @ 11.00a.m.

THe Hilton Glasgow, 1 William Street, Glasgow, G3 8HT

Tuesday 4th October 2016 @ 12.30p.m. and 6.30p.m.

The Mecure Exeter Southgate, Southernay East, Exeter, EX1 1QF

Wednesday 5th October 2016 @ 12.30p.m. and 6.30p.m.

The Imperial Hotel, Park Hill Road, Torquay, TQ1 2DG

Thursday 6th October 2016 @ 12.30p.m. and 6.30p.m.

The Holiday Inn Plymouth, Armada Way, Plymouth, PL1 2HJ


Saturday 8th October 2016 @ 10.30a.m.

The Jury's Inn Plymouth, 50 Exeter Street, Plymouth, PL4 0AZ


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This article is written in good faith. Martin Roberts nor Making Money From Property cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content and cannot be held responsible for any losses (directly or indirectly) resulting from using the information given.

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