Whether you are a first time investor or a seasoned property professional, I hope you will find something on this site to inspire and assist you. It's also here to supplement my property training seminars and whether you're visiting here having been on one, or in preparation for the course, I wish you a big 'Howdy Doody'.

If you'd like to find out more about my property training weekends, then please go the 'Learn with Martin' area and check out our site calendar to see dates and locations of forthcoming workshops - including the FREE preview sessions.

Many people ask me what I think will happen to the UK property market in the future and  the reality is, we will always see cycles in the property market and since records began, prices have gone up and down. However, the overall trend when you average it out, has been a doubling of prices in every 7 to 10 years. But the key to being a successful property professional is knowing how to make the most of whatever the market conditions are. I like the quote from Wayne Gretzsky, the ice hockey legend. When asked how he was so successful, he said that he was just really good at predicting where the puck will be and adapting his game to suit.

So, whether this is your first time or a regular visitor, I hope you find this site enjoyable and informative.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Situation (updated 17th March 2020)

In response to Government advice to refrain from social contact and any unnecessary travel, the Live Training Events operated by Asset Academy on behalf of Martin Roberts Making Money From Property will be temporarily suspended from week ending 20th March 2020.

Instead we will be offering opportunities to attend Free Live Webinars to learn about the opportunities currently available in the UK property market from the comfort and security of your own home or workplace. Details of the dates and timing of these will appear here. 

The Webinars are Free, but you will need to register your details in order to take part.

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  • Buy-to-let, social housing, HMO, Airbnb and more
  • Investing remotely if you're self-isolating or the best investment properties aren't close to home
  • Creative ways to finance properties
  • Improving your credit rating
  • Marketing, negotiation & spotting the best deals
  • Creating a power team
  • Mastering the mindset to achieve




About Martin

From BBC Local radio, to presenting one of the most popular daytime TV shows ever, Martin Roberts career in the media goes back over 25 years. In that time he has appeared on BBC TV and Radio, ITV, CNN and SKY TV and has become one of the UK’s most respected Property, Travel and Lifestyle TV presenters and journalists.

He was a regular presenter on ITV’s top rated travel show ‘Wish You Were Here...?’ for 8 years and the travel editor of ‘Woman’ magazine for 15 years.

For over 14 years, he has written and presented the hit BBC property auction show ‘Homes under the Hammer’, which is shown on BBC1, BBC Worldwide and UKTV Home and is now in its 21st series. Since March 2016, Martin hosts the nation’s first dedicated weekly property show 'Home Rule' on Talk Radio, covering all aspects of the property world with hints, tips, advice and competitions.

Property Training

I’ve developed a 3 day property training course that could literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE. From sourcing the best deals, to financing them, my team will take you from property novice towards property professional in an interactive, fun and highly educational and supportive seminar format. And for those property enthusiasts who have completed the Basic weekend course, there is a range of Advanced Property Training programmes to choose from, including Asset Protection, Buy to Let, Commercial Property, HMOs, Distressed Property and more.

Home Study Property Auction Masterclass

For those people who want to enhance their chances of success at a property auction, I've created a basic and advanced training package. Through video seminars and workbooks you will learn absolutely all the tricks of the trade about buying property and land at auction. And I don't think there's anybody more qualified to give you this advice than me.

New Property Investment & Auction Guidebooks

My best selling book ‘ Teach Yourself; Making Money From Property’ has been revised and updated to reflect the current property market. Renowned for its insightful and inspirational content that gives you all the information you might need to become a successful property investor, developer or renovator. And to complement this, I have also launched The Property Auction Guide - a practical and in-depth guide to the world of property auctions - whether you are a buyer or seller.






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The key to being a successful property professional is knowing how to make the most of whatever the market conditions are. It's about trying to predict where things are headed and adapting your strategy to suit. 

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Always get a property survey done on any property you are considering buying - especially if it is a home you are planning to renovate to add value. A few hundred quid spent at the start could save you thousands in the long run.

Martin's Word of Warning 

If buying at auction, the Auctioneer may take bids ‘off the wall’ until the reserve price is reached. The Auctioneer pretends that someone has bid when they haven’t. This is used to entice would-be bidders to join in the bidding if it is slow to begin.

Martin's What if

Even if you have to supplement your monthly rent to meet your mortgage payments, on a rental property if the value of the property is rising by an mount more than this then you are still getting a return on this money. So in a rising market, you might still wish to buy property even if they do not have positive cashflow.

Martin's Seal of Approval

When deciding what properties to buy, look for ones that suit your chosen strategy and are the best that you can get for this purpose.Long term they are likely to provide a better investment than properties that are just OK for a number of different objectives.

To work out you your gross rental yield, you simply divide the annual rental income by the purchase price of the property. However, a more accurate indicator of the return you are going to get is to work out the NET rental yield. This is the return after property management, lettings fees, maintenance and repair and other running costs have been taken into consideration, and gives you a far more realistic view of your return.

Changes to tax rules that come into effect in 2017, will mean that Landlords will no longer have the ability to offset their mortgage interest against their tax bill.