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Property Auction Masterclass

If you want to learn absolutely everything about the world of property auctions, and be best placed to make the most of the incredible opportunities that they present, then you need to take part in my Property Auction Masterclass. 


This course is currently in the final stages of preparation. However, you can register your details here to be one of the first to hear about this exciting and unique opportunity.


If you participate in this elite training programme, you will also have the chance to visit a property auction with me personally by your side. 


Through a series of 12 specially created home study video downloads, I'll take you on a journey from property auction novice to property auction expert. In the videos;

  • I'll start from the very basics, assuming no prior knowledge of property auctions. I'll demystify the jargon and give you all the inside information that you'll need to be successful. 
  • I'll cover all types of properties and land, from simple 'do-erupers' to extensive renovation projects and plots of land for self build.
  • You'll hear hints and tips directly from some of the country's top property auctioneers, including Graham Penny (Graham Penny Auctions), Chris Coleman-Smith (Savills Auctions), Clive Emson (Clive Emson Auctions) and Graham Barton (Clive Emson West Auctions).
  • You'll hear from an architect who'll give you all the insider tips on making a successful planning application.
  • You'll hear from an accountant on how to run your business efficiently and maximise your profits.
  • You'll hear from a specialist property lawyer about all the legal issues and possible pitfalls you might face when buying and selling property through auction.
  • We will visit a selection of real property auction lots before they go to the auction. I'll give you all my years of experience spotting the bargains and avoiding the pitfalls, and telling you which of the auction lots would make a good investment.
  • On the next installment, we'll then visit an actual auction where I'll guide you through the practical process from registration to bidding. We will see what happens to the properties that we visited earlier and see how they fair when they go under the hammer. 
  • To set you on the right road, I'll talk about renovation and ongoing management of your property and also how to run your business in the most efficient manner. 


Plus, as a unique feature only available to participants in my Property Auction Masterclass, you and a partner or colleague will get to attend an actual property auction with me personally as your guide. (Please see Terms and Condtions)





  Graham Penny, Graham Penny Property Auctions




 Chris Coleman-Smith, Savills Property Auctions

 Clive Emson, Clive Emson Property Auctions

 Graham Barton, Clive Emson West Auctions


What better way could there be to set you on your journey as one of the world's greatest authorities on property auctions?


The Property Auction Masterclass is in the final stages of preparation, but once launched, as you might imagine, places will be strictly limited. If you want to make the most of this life changing opportunity, you can register your interest now.


Be one of the first to register your interest to take part in this unique opportunity by completing this form.


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