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Sadsville Childrens Book Audio

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Hear Martin Roberts read 'Sadsville' - a book from his charming and fun children's book series, The Villes.

Martin has written a series of illustrated children's books called 'The Villes'. In each Ville, something isn't quite right. In Tiredsville, the inhabitants are tired all the time, In Fullsville, the buttons are popping off their trousers because they are so full. In Boredsville....well you get the idea!

Sadsville was written to support the work of the NSPCC and although it is still a whimscial story, it encourages children to think outside of the box and change the circumstances around them if they're not as they would wish them to be. It also links to the NSPCC Childline service.


You can download an audio version of Sadsville narrated by Martin Roberts himself to get an idea of what this charming and imaginative book series is like.

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